I Am Beautiful Female     Empowerment Workshops
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Please before purchasing booth space call 877.765.0244 / 858.713.1961 to insure space is available for your product or service.

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Become a vendor for Oct 22nd, 2011 Event, "Sisters On The Move" Empowerment and Beauty Workshop

We are seeking vendors that have products and information that is valuable to the attendees of the event. These vendors must provide nutritional hair products, health and wellness products and a variety of services that cater directly to the needs of women of all ages.

Clark Atlanta University
Student Center

Time: Set-up: 8am to 10:30am       Exhibits 11am to 6pm


Option 1 - One 6ft table with table cloth, 2 chairs. Display your banner in the lobby or main room. Provide us with your brochures or business cards to be distribute to attendees or placed in gift bags. Advertisement of your product to be played in the main room large screen throughout the day every few minutes during the event. Your video on our site 6 months running.
Cost $250

Option 2
One 6ft table with table cloth, 2 chairs.
Video recording of you explaining your product or services and contact posted on our site for 6 months
Cost $200

Option 3 - One 6ft table with table cloth, 2 chairs.
Cost $150

The I am Beautiful Empowerment Workshops will prove to be more than a special event for all attendees including hair loss victims; it will serve as a journey of personal growth and self-discovery for all who attend.  Our workshops “How to Live, How to Love, How to Matter”  will take attendees on a journey that has the capacity to giveyou” back to “you  and leave you with more confidence and knowledge of self worth.

I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation will provide attendees who suffer from any form of hair loss with the perfect combination of hair loss support, guidance and counseling.  The event will also provide awareness for those who know someone who may be suffering from some type of hair loss. The workshops will leave attendees with skills all designed to assist them in creating the vibrant, meaningful, joyful life they deserve whether they suffer from hair loss or just need guidance in life balance.  
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