I Am Beautiful Female     Empowerment Workshops
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Pampering Services

Visit Our Pamper Room At The Clark Atlanta Event

I Am Beautiful Female Empowerment Workshops are the ultimate womens' day out event where you, your friends and female family members can have a dynamic and fabulous day to network, be empowered, be pampered and be exposed to the best products brought together to relax you and bring better health and beauty!

Working day in and day out in today's hectic and fast pace environment can bring a strain on your body and mind. We want you to come to our event and take some precious time out for yourself. Our pamper room at our event will allow you to do exactly that.

We will provide to you the finest in professional pampering from head to toe treatments. Our aim is to not only feel you with knowledge and empowerment at these events but help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the pressures of work and your daily routines.

Our vendors will provide to you an extensive menu of treatments. Make your way around our pamper room and allow our highly skilled professional to pamper you in a haven of elegance and tranquility.

We all believe that a healthy you begins and ends with your own inner well being. Our pamper room will ensure that on this day your body a lines with the inner knowledge and empowerment that you receive from our speakers.

There will be hair and scalp analysis for anyone suffering from hair loss. These analysis will be preformed by qualified professionals in the field of trichology.

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