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Dear Sir/ Madam,
We are writing on behalf of I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation. Since quite a few years, Vision Illusion Hair Importers (Sponsors of I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation), has provided thousands of women worldwide with hair augmentation for their hair loss along with free consultation and counseling. The development of I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation allows access to grants and many government assistance programs and financial aid for hair loss victims not achievable from a for profit organization. Additional funding is made possible through the generous donations of aware citizens and local businesses.

I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation™ is a 501(c) (3) organization that promotes functions nationally for hair loss awareness.  I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation™ provides an important opportunity for women to learn more about the many different types of hair loss and new treatments that can help many of the more than 80 million Americans who are afflicted.

I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation™ is one of several organizations that recognizes the importance of hair loss awareness and its impact on a person's emotional health and well-being. We spread knowledge by conducting female empowerment workshops and beauty shows in the community to raise public awareness.

The Mission:

The mission of the I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation™ (IABWF) is to raise funds to pay for or offset acceptable treatment to clients who come into Vision Illusion Hair Replacement Clinic for any type of hair loss and to support those with the disease, and to educate the public about hair loss.

The mission is accomplished by:

1. Funding workshops that add to the scientific knowledge about hair loss, its causes, and different treatments 

2. Providing local support and education for people with hair loss and their Families                                                                                                                

3. Informing the public about all the different types of hair loss and prevention                                                                                                                         

4. Advocating the concerns of people affected by hair loss                                                                                                          

5. Creating and distributing educational materials to health professionals as well as those affected, so that all may better understand hair loss and the effects on the individual.

We hope you will join us in reaching our fund raising goal.

Send checks payable to I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation Corp
(4102 Brodick Lane Lithia Springs GA 30126)
For more information, please contact us directly 

iambeautifulwf@gmail.com, or 858-713-1961, # to skip intro message

We sincerely thank you for your time and continued support.
Angela Crawford / Larry Graise President / CEO                                                                                          



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