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Community Rewards

I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation Corp

    Community Rewards Program

I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation Corp is a nonprofit organization that promotes functions nationally for hair loss awareness. 

The Mission:

The mission of the I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation Corp (IABWF) is to raise funds for the development and or purchase of cranial hair prostheses for hair loss victims, Medical cold lasers that stimulate hair re-growth and to pay for or offset acceptable treatment to clients who come into Vision Illusion Hair Replacement Clinics or any salon in network with and certified by I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation to provide hair replacement services and cold laser treatment for any type of hair loss…, to support those with the disease, and to educate the public about hair loss.

How It Works:

1. We collect your gift in the form of gift certificates or product gift bags.

2. We giveaway your gift at our events and weekly at other community social functions city wide.

3. While giving away your gift we will announce your business name, location and highlight information about your product or service.

4. We will inform you on which event or social function your product or certificates will be given away, so you my have a representative present who we will point out for attendees to speak with.

The overall goal is of course to bring attention to the foundation allowing us to spread the knowledge of hair loss and raise funds for the victims affected. Secondly this program will advertise your business to the community free of charge. Thirdly for any venue or social event regularly participating will experience an increase in patrons coming out to receive free products and services.

If you have a night club or social function where you would like us to come out and giveaway products and services to your patrons please contact the number below.

If you are a local business in the Atlanta area and would like to make a donation in the form of gift certificates or gift bags and have your product or service advertised, also contact the number below.

Thank You For Your Time and Participation 


Phone: 858.713.1961  Email: iambeautifulwf@gmail.com  

Website:  www.iambeautifulfoundation.com

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