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Vision Illusion Hair Importers LLC, perform Non-Surgical Bio Matrix Hair Replacement, imports Non-Toxic Human Hair™ and operates as a beauty salon focusing on providing high-quality, “Cranial Hair Prosthetics” for women who suffer from any type of hair loss such as alopecia, chemotherapy patients, fire and chemical burn victims etc...,
In addition to providing these services, Vision Illusion Hair Importers LLC is also be a retailer of our exclusive and beautiful hair pieces and products for hair enhancement for those not affected by hair loss and just wish a more fuller look and control of their hair.  Customers will find hair pieces and products at Vision Illusion Lace wigs that they want find in the Asian beauty supply stores or Hair Clubs for Men.  

    Prosper Me! Consulting is a Financial and Personal Development Firm.  Our focus is WOMEN, WEALTH, & WISDOM we teach our members how to build generational wealth. Our company was established to give women in business a support system.  Prosper Me! Consulting wants to give all women an equal opportunity to have access to resources, support, mentoring and most of all Financial Education.  Attend or host a Prosperity Party, join a movement of women on the move to MILLIONS.  
Building Wealth takes efficient, responsive professional services; here's what we can do for you:
  • Grow your business through our Network and Signature Events
  • Help you maximize your true potential in life
  • Promote your company through our various Media Resources
  • Position your company to expand Nationwide
  • Provide Business Development resources 
  • Host Group seminars and workshops that you can attend on a regular basis
Company Contact:
Prosper Me! Consulting
Prosper Miller
Founder/ National Director
National Headquarters - 678-671-7067

     Yolanda Zellous, Owner and CEO of Zellyo Productions, an Atlanta based media, film, and casting company, along with one of the hottest runway instructors in the Southeast, Edwina Hill Yolanda Zellous is also an acting coach, casting director author, playwright, and actress. Her annual fashion show held in Atlanta continues to bring attention to the plus sized woman and man. Yolanda’s mission is much more than to promote fashion shows. Her mission is to “empower the lives of others.” Yolanda views her mission as an opportunity and a ministry whereas she can set new standards within the fashion arena. One of her future goals is to initiate educational components for spirituality, wellness and career initiatives for youths and adults through positive awareness and resources. 404 831-9012

Star Size Studios Staff
Atlanta Ga 
678 274-9108
Atten Talents: Please send a head shot and 1 full body shoots
Twitter: Star Size Studios
Facebook: Size Talents/Star Size Studios 

Candace Reese: Executive Influencer * Inspirational Speaker
With a reputation for challenging small visions and transforming them into global notoriety, Candace Reese is a nationally-recognized entrepreneur   and inspirational speaker. Specializing in corporate and philanthropic strategy management, Reese has a strong track record in exceeding expectations. At the inception of her career, she quickly gained a reputation for her progressive sales and marketing techniques.  After several years in corporate and nonprofit public relations, marketing and advertising, Reese founded Envision Global Corporation to serve a diverse clientele list of individuals, organizations and corporate clientele by delivering leading-edge, innovative image building campaigns, with a global focus.

Envision Global’s success lies in its ability to aggregate the corporate and philanthropic sectors, while bringing client visions to reality, and showcasing their unique styles through a multicultural lens. Having an affinity for representing socially-conscious clientele, through Envision Global, Reese has managed projects and provided unlimited business and lifestyle resources to a plethora of distinguished entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and philanthropists who have been featured in national and international multi-media outlets, including online/digital media, nationally-syndicated radio and television broadcasts such as: The Dr. Phil Show, FOX News, FOX Business News, NPR, CNN Headline News, CNN International, Discovery Health Channel, CNBC, TBS, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and BET.

www.TheCEOpundit.com                                                                                                               www.Twitter.com/CRchoosesJOY                                                                                                      www.Linkedin.com/in/CandaceReeseJ                                                                                                                         www.Facebook.com/CandaceReesetheSpeaker                                                                                                         www.SpeakerWiki.org/speakers/Candace_Reese  


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TASTE OF ATLANTA? From desserts to sides, these faves smack of ATL.
810 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SW  Atlanta, GA 30314  Ph: 404-525-9212  Fax: 404-522-9812

About Us
Since 1947 the Busy Bee Cafe has been one of Atlanta's best soul food restaurants. Located in the historical downtown area, Busy Bee offers catering as well as lunch and dinner, with a choice of dining in or take-out. We are open 6 days a week for your soul food appetite.
The Scene
Busy Bee is about as prepossessing as a soul food joint's going to be--which means recognizable signage, structured parking, even celebrity photographs and table service. With long waits at lunch, the cafe sports a hodgepodge of patrons: low-rent politicos, cops, students and questing soul food aficionados. Service is extremely friendly, and, in general, the restaurant is home to a busy, cheerful vibe.

The Food
If your lunch break chestnuts are a spicy tuna roll from Publix or a No. 4 from Chick-fil-A, you'll probably swoon at the prospect of chitlins, giblets, ham hocks and neck bones. Not to worry. Busy Bee also stars with the classics, including "beelicious" fried chicken (try it smothered in gravy), pork chops and meatloaf, among others. Two fresh veggies--don't miss broccoli cheese casserole or a Tuesday special of baby limas--come with each dinner. Desserts, especially red velvet cake and banana pudding, are in a league of their own. A great lunch break if you're downtown; worth a pilgrimage if soul food's your thing.

About Us
PrettyPeppers.com - Personal Protction for Women on the Go! is aimed at combating violence and sexual assault by offering personal safety products that are both effective and fashionable. Designed for women, our popular personal safety and self defense products are desguised in common looking containers and are a convenient and subtle way to carry the protection you need. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.
www.PrettyPeppers.com  (619) 453-8742  

Ssubi is HOPE 

About an hour outside of Luweero, Uganda, on a long bumpy road into the bush, lies the community of Kakira – Soweto (pronounced Kacheera).

Just getting there is a challenging journey and once you arrive, you’ll find the meager town trading centre which consists of only a few mud huts and a handful of run down brick shacks where local women sell candles, soda and sugar. But this is a lively, passionate community made up of many families. Some of them tend cattle, and are forced to rely primarily on a diet of milk.

There are children running and playing everywhere – but there is no school. This means that by the time that they are about 12 years old, with no education and no means to leave they usually marry and start a family. Many of the men have turned to the local homemade alcohol. Even young boys stand around with nothing to do but drink. The women are surrounded by babies, children and girls who will themselves soon start their own family.

Many of these children will die from malaria. There is no source of employment, no opportunity for education, no health clinic or doctor and no clean water. The women in the community have a very poor diet and therefore, have many complications during childbirth. With the closest health clinic over an hour away by car, many have died before they could reach a doctor. Maternal and infant death rates are quite high in this community.

This is what I found when I first came here. But I also saw hope. I saw that something should be done and that something could be done. So Ssubi was born. With the help and support of local community leaders including Sister Ernestine Akulu, Founder of the Bishop Caesar Asili Health Centre, Ssubi has begun to help.

The last of the documents have been signed and 215 acres now belongs to the Sisters of Bishop Asili. We have been working long and hard on this. My last visit included meetings with the community leaders to discuss how this land could best serve the community. Health care was the first followed by education.

We believe that it is possible to empower both women and men by encouraging economically sustainable and creative endeavors. These ideas are not unique, but we at Ssubi recognized that there are areas of immediate need that often fall through the cracks. Ssubi embraced the role of supporting projects that are less likely to be funded by large international organizations. We can fill in the “gaps” that are left behind!

Our quest is to help communities to develop and grow. To help children and parents to suffer less and to live longer.

Ssubi’s participation in a project is based on the following underlying principles:

1) Every project must be of some real benefit to the local community.

2) Local people must be involved in startup and maintenance of every project.

3) All projects must strive to meet particular community needs.

4) Each project must have a positive impact upon the lives of the children in the community.

5) Long term sustainability is critical.

We are dedicated to assisting village communities in their quest to achieve a healthy, sustainable life. By exploring ways to stimulate economic development and always working in direct partnership with the local villages we are working to help insure sustainable self sufficiency. We are currently doing this through the following projects:



In an increasingly interconnected world, what happens around the globe affects us all. In the developing countries of the world the challenge of growing poverty and disease can only be met if each of us recognizes our responsibility as a global citizen. We must then take bold steps forward to truly make a difference.

It is with this belief in our hearts and our minds that Ssubi was founded. Together we can make a difference but we must take that first step.


People come into our lives:
Some never leave you
Some you wish would
But to those who passed by too quickly
I dedicate this site to you.

Laura Luxemburg
Founder, Ssubi



Buhter up is Natures Luxury in Skin, Hair and Home Fragrant products. Buhter up has a collection of tranquil products for the skin, hair and home.  These products include Ultra Hydrating Whipped Body Butter made with natural Shea butter that leaves the skin nourished and healthy. Nicky’s Hair& Loc Do made with Shea butter and other natural ingredients to soften stimulate growth and strengthen the hair. Glycerin and Goats Milk Soap that leaves a soothing feeling after use, Cuticle Oil which moisturizes cuticles and nails, Body Gloss which moisturizes the skin and adds shine to the skin and Lip Balm which adds moisture to cracked/dry lips.  Aromatic Diffusers and Scented Crystals that add a lovely long lasting fragrance to any home. These are a few of the Wonderful products that Buhter Up has to offer.


 CONTACT US: NICOLE 404-906-2780 OR CLAUDETTE 347-268-2620



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Cathy Harris: Motivational Speaker, Health & Business Coach, Columnist, Seminar and Workshop Trainer, Internet Radio Host, Founder of How To Take Control Book Series & Youth CEO Clubs

Cathy Harris

Monique Harris
Vice President & Senior Editor


Natural Way Health, LLC

Natural Way Health, LLC - Wellness and Education Services Center, seeks to provide educational resources and wellness services to individuals and their families.  Creating a friendly and inviting, professional and warm  environment for our clients is our focus, as the professional staff executes and administers offered services in their respective areas of expertise.

As a unique team  of caring, committed, and concerned individuals for your health and wellness – physically, emotionally, and spiritually - we invite you to experience wellness, the Natural Way.   Our staff of educated, licensed, and certified professionals are ready and waiting to serve you in the Atlanta area.

Call Us For Your Private Consultaion Today!  
 (Conveniently located at  (I-285 & Lawrenceville Highway)   - 
1462 Montreal Road, Suite 209 - Tucker, GA  30084 (Atlanta Metropolitan area)   

 A.Dom's ®
62 White Street
New York NY 10013


2591 Piedmont Road, Suite 1110
Atlanta, GA 30324


Phone USA: 1 (347) 738 - 8107
Phone France : +33 610 782 847

Email:  info@adomsdesign.com

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