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I Am Beautiful Female Empowerment Workshops are sponsored by I Am Beautiful Women's Foundation Corp www.iambeautifulfoundation1.com and are ongoing Women's Empowerment Workshops that are perfect for women looking for a life balance in health, wealth, relationship and business. These workshops will leave attendees feeling inspired, renewed and empowered

Our workshops will expose attendees to successful women who will help them recognize their talents, strengths and ability to be more successful in managing their health, wealth, relationships and more...

Besides providing helpful life balance workshops these events will provide female hair loss awareness, prevention and new treatments for hair loss victims

These event will feature a panel of successful women - women who have been through life struggles or experienced some form of hardship in their lives.  Although difficult, those struggles and experiences have been instrumental in making them the women they are today. The panel will change as the workshop travels throughout the United States and ultimately internationally.

The panelist is selected based on their career, talents, life experiences and how they can be instrumental in helping the overall mission of the event.

Each panelist will bring an individual view of topics based on their experience; they will also share helpful  information on how attendees can pursue their individual career fields.

The I am Beautiful Workshops will prove to be more than a special event for victims of hair loss; it will serve as a journey of personal growth and self-discovery for all who attend.  Our workshops “How to Live, How to Love, How to Matter”  will take attendees on a journey that has the capacity to give “you” back to “you  and leave them with more       confidence and knowledge of self worth.

I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation will provide attendees who suffer from any form of hair loss with the perfect combination of hair loss support, guidance and counseling.  The event will also provide awareness for those who know someone who may be suffering from some type of hair loss. The workshops will leave attendees with skills all designed to assist them in creating the vibrant, meaningful, joyful life they deserve whether they suffer from hair loss or just need guidance in life balance.   



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